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Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating is fast becoming the heat distribution system of choice in most buildings because of the high levels of comfort it provides. Under floor heating involves running pipe in the floor screed and passing warm water through the pipe, this results in a heat distribution system that covers the entire room.

Under Floor Heating Benefits

The main reason people choose under floor heating in for the comfort level it provides. Under floor heating produces radiant heat which starts heating a room form the floor, the warm air will gently rise which gives you the heat where you need it unlike a radiator which convects heat to the ceiling first before the heat drops down to your level. As the pipe is laid under the entire floor, the room should be the same temperature in any part of the room unlike a radiator system where the warmest part of the room is directly in front of the radiator. You are always in front of the underfloor.

Because under floor heating is not visible it improves the aesthetics of the room and allows you more freedom for furniture and shelving options. Each room can be independently controlled using a room thermostat allowing you to set your desired room temperature. Weather compensation control can also be utilised with under floor heating to give a constant even temperature. Under floor heating uses much lower water temperatures compared to radiators which can give huge savings on energy costs. Underfloor heating is also safer for vulnerable persons as there are no hot surfaces to cause burns. As the air in the room is not heated to the same high temperature as a high temperature radiator system, the air does not take on that same dry ‘cooked’ quality. It’s also easier to brush the floor than it is to try to dust behind a radiator.

System Design

Here at Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing we will design and install your under floor heating system. Some factors that need to be considered when designing the system are manifold location, thermostat location, room ceiling height, room window area, type of heat source, type of floor covering and building requirements. At Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing we will do a full system design and print layout plans that are easy to follow.

Operating Principal

Under floor heating provides radiant heat which rises from the entire floor surface giving a comfortable living environment. Pipes are installed in the floor screed at 100 to 200mm centres and warm water (25 to 45˚C) is circulated through the pipe work, rooms with high heat loss will have more pipe installed to compensate for the higher loss of heat. As the heat is coming from the entire floor it gives an even temperature at all parts of the room which results in higher comfort levels. Room temperature can be controlled by a room thermostat which will allow the room to heat to the set temperature and then switch off the heat supply to that room. Weather compensation is another control method which is ideal for under floor heating, this method allows constant flow through the under floor pipes, as the outdoor temperature drops the water temperature in the under floor is increased to compensate for the higher heat loss of the building.


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