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System Design

At Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing we take the time to provide our clients with a personal and unique service, from the initial inception of their project we take the time to go through, in detail, their scheme design and drawings to establish their requirements.  We seek to tailor a viable solution which will fulfil your budget requirements.

As an established business we can design your heating, plumbing and renewable energy heating systems for your home.  Following on from the design stage we will provide you with a detailed quotation for what we specify on your project to give a clear and precise breakdown of what you can expect from your installation service.

Working in conjunction with the other professionals who you have engaged as part of your project team, such as your Architect or Designer, we can ensure that you have a professional and hassle free installation.

Should we be successful, we will become an integral part of your construction team.  We will visit the project throughout the various stages of your build to ensure that everything fits within your new home and to develop with you a good understanding of your build so that we can deliver on site the required products and installation services when required, within the programme of your build.

The package from Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing will consist of a full schedule of equipment (boilers, radiators and all ancillary components as required), marked up drawings showing boiler and radiator positions, all pipe runs and their required sizes for both the heating and domestic hot and cold water system and a detailed sketch of the arrangement between the boiler and cylinder cupboard.  We will provide a detailed specification breakdown so that we can deliver a quality and reliable service which will meet the long term needs for your home.

Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing aim to provide you with an efficient and long term solution that will deliver cost efficiency for your home into the future.