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Low Temperature Radiators

Here at Midland Renewables Heating & Plumbing we offer two types of radiators, Aluminium low temperature and Dimplex Smart radiators, each of which have their specific applications.

To choose the right system for your building Midland Renewables will consult with all clients to find out their requirements and check the building design.

Smart Rad

SmartRad sets new standards for the way we think about our heating. Fast and responsive, accurate room by room control, attractively styled and designed specifically to work with modern, renewable heating systems such as heat pumps. Unlike conventional radiators, SmartRad utilises a compact, high efficiency heat exchanger and intelligently controlled fan to assist convection and delivery of heat into the room. Low water content inside each SmartRad – less than a litre – means reduced thermal inertia so when heating is needed SmartRad is able to respond almost instantly (within 1 minute), compared with a conventional, high water content radiator, which can take up to 15 minutes to reach its full operating output. This also has a significant impact on the energy consumption during the heat up time of a room. The reduced heat up time and high thermal output from SmartRad allows room temperatures to be raised up to 4 times more quickly than a conventional radiator, reducing energy wastage due to early switch on. In tests, SmartRad required 70% less energy to raise the temperature of a room from 10°C to 21°C than a radiator (heated by a heat pump at 55°C), simply because the room temperature could be raised so much faster and therefore heating could be started later.

Containing only 5% of the water volume of a conventional radiator, the low thermal mass of SmartRad means heat up time, responsiveness, control – and ultimately comfort – are significantly improved.

SmartRad’s low thermal mass also provides an energy saving advantage once the room temperature has been reached or when heating is no longer needed. Unlike conventional radiators that continue to stubbornly output heat into the room, SmartRad cools quickly, preventing further energy wastage. SmartRad also provides individual room temperature control, with an integral electronic thermostat to monitor room temperature, control fan speed output accordingly and reduce energy consumption as much as possible. As the room temperature nears its set point, the fan speed is automatically reduced and the room temperature is closely monitored and accurately maintained. In addition, SmartRad can also be fitted with digital programmable timers, allowing individual rooms to be configured with their own heating profile.

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium Radiators are designed to combine aesthetics, performance and a high level of comfort. Its smooth finish and soft curves were conceived to avoid sharp edges, burrs and irregularities on the surface making it suitable for any type of installation.

Aluminium radiators offer many unexpected benefits and savings. It can be installed in conventional heating systems as well as low temperature systems using heat pumps, condensing boilers etc. The reduced water content in aluminium radiators ensures the system responds with the maximum speed at the slightest change in temperature. Exceptional thermal features of aluminium, resistance to oxidation, possibility of various ways of connection enable aluminium radiators an outstanding efficiency, perfection and aesthetic form. Aluminium radiators transfer the heat from the water to the air in the room faster than steel radiators. This means that they require less heated water from the boiler and will be faster to respond to changes in the room heat requirement, hence reducing any wasted heat.


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